Logistics and Distribution

Our Company is based in an area who’s geographically suitable for the agricultural production. Our factory
covers over 1500 square meters and it’s all air-conditioned. There are lots of administrative offices, a production and sorting warehouse (we are the first company in Italy with an optic sorting system for cherries who divides the product according to its piebald marking features and color), warehouses for the extension of the shelf-life (treatments with modified atmosphere, UV combined and cold water fellers), shipping area and trucking movement. During the period of maximum production we can wrap and ship to the client up to 1000 quintal per day (more than 40.000 quintal of cherries per season).

Before the shipping, we pick up samples of different production lots and we analyze them in our laboratories in order to guarantee wholeness and security for the final consumer.

We managed the quality of our products starting from the harvest until the shipping because we want keep
continue to be chosen for our commitment, trustworthiness and sublime fruits.

Our Products