We learned to love the land and, since generations, we produce for you fruits of Extraordinary Quality

Quality is our starting point. Our commitment is intended for increasingly larger targets. In the last years we have optimized production processes and the packaging of our products, creating a strong synergy between farming, integrated production and technology. Our certifications (BRC FOOD, Global G.A.P. and IFS), allowed us to meet the demands of national and foreign markets, made up of customers who increasingly pay attention to environmental policies and good quality. Thanks to perfect logistics and prompt production schedules, we always manage to ensure the placement of all our products that are present in the products list.


Beginning of distribution business

Vito D’Ambruoso starts the wholesale distribution business by his own, operating in a modest-sized warehouse in Conversano, in the southeast area of Bari.

Until today

The company’s headquarters moved to its present factory of 1500 m2, in further expansion. The headquarter is modernly arranged with administrative offices, processing and storages warehouses with advanced technologies.


The True and Honest taste of an extraordinary quality.

A synergy that continues for four generations of people who produce and commercialize only fruits of first quality, with maximum respect for the environment and organic cycles, according to the Integrated Production rules.

First move

Vito D’Ambruoso S.R.L. moved to a larger and well equipped factory commensurate with its growing business.

D’Ambruoso’s top selling products


The Cherry. A rounded colorful world of passion.  Many shades of red, small treasures with unique flavors. To each his own.


They have flushed cheeks, they seems shy, but show off an eye-catching orange. Our apricots are full of energy.


We choose for you the best fruits

Our fruits are carefully selected and top range rated. Their quality is always highly controlled and guaranteed.

A rich product list sets us on the national and international market that makes us be selected as a precise and reliable business partner.

We want to bring to customer’s table the freshest, healthiest and of an unquestionably superior goodness products.

The fruits that distinguish us

  • FruitsFruits
  • VegetablesVegetables
  • Dried fruitsDried fruits
  • - International Food Company -

    D’Ambruoso has important quality certifications and we have chosen to trustly commercialize their products within our market because they are not only “beautiful”, but also healthy, safe and high quality guaranteed by our cross-checks.

  • - National distributor for catering -

    We chose to collaborate with D’Ambruoso for the variety of their product list references that are guaranteed for almost all year. D’Ambruoso is perfect for those who, like us, meet demands of major customers in haute cuisine.

  • - Mass Retail Channel Company, Lombardia -

    D’Ambruoso S.R.L. has an impeccable logistics. From order to delivery it takes only 3 days!
    Into the packaging the fruits are perfect, from the first to the last.