The roots of our Company: hardworking arms and a deep knowledge of the rural art from the real and present life. Everything is enhanced by new scientific methods and the energy of the youngest of the family. From four generations until today, our Company is made by a synergy of people who produce and trade only top-quality fruit respecting the environment and the natural biological cycles, according to the philosophy of the Integrated Production.

In 1976 D’Ambruoso Vito started on his own the activity of wholesale fruit distribution, working in a small size storehouse in Conversano, in the south-east of Bari.

In 1989 the D’Ambruoso Vito Srl moved in a bigger, closer and equipped factory, proportional to its growing business.

In 2004 the headquarter moved in the present factory of 1500 square meters, currently growing, cutting-edge equipped with administrative offices, storehouses of production and warehouse
with state-of-the-art technologies.

The company:
Vito D’Ambruoso, founder and business controller
Bernardo D’Ambruoso, import-export and finance
Giuseppe D’Ambruoso, quality control and validations


Since 1950’s our family has grown working the land with care and respecting it. Since generations.
Our aim is to produce healthy and safe fruits, preserving the environmental resources and using less agricultural chemicals.

“Men love the land,
land loves time.
Land asks for patience and dedication,
but a land that loves you
will gave you eccellent fruits,
until you will love it.”

The True and Honest taste of an Extraordinary Quality.
Our Philosophy. That’s what we mean.